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Mootopia Earth 20

.44 billion Earth's citizens colonizing a terraformed moon aka Earth 2.0

Valantis Nation

V series is based on a true-based future story of a a new Oceanic nation, V nation, consisting of  Oceanic man-made islands for 144,000,000. 

DuctTape Daddy
love and ducttape fixes everything

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I Shot A 1000 Bitches for God

true story of a aspiring atheist porn-producer who gives up his paradeis life to photograph dogs for God

Loosing It

employees playing practical jokes on custiners

Blow Me Glass 

glass blowing Competition

The Westmeath TreeFort
where 5th graders went to lose their innocences

A War on Fear

Bugs For Buck$

I Do In Aruba

Cougars of The Caribbean

Holy Shihtzu

The Missing Manual

Duct Tape Daddy

My X-Wing Wife

Comedy  In Paradise

I Love My Pet So Much I Shot It For Fame

Barks & Blessings

Expats  - Life Outside The USA

Discovered At Sea

Facing Fobias - it's FearFactor x 5

Experience The Night Of His First Miracle 

Pardon Me

live Life Inside A Castle

don't make us wait, romantic adult comedy

The Garden's Untold Story 


it's  not what't under the bed you need to be afraid of


Marco the Sharko

True Story of The  World's Greatest Drug Smuggler

the recruit

17-year old volunteers to serve his country

Crash My Table Challenge

eat lunch at a fastfood location with strangers* all participants are screened


God calls an aspiring atheist porn producer to photograph dogs

Place your bets!!!

Metro Nightlife Magazine

Bye Bye Dubai

as, skyscrapers start toppling due to Dubai's catastrophic rains, a family has 24 hours to escape Dubai


her mom was raised from the dead after seven days

Bye Bye SPI

a chemical leak off the coast of South Padre Island, a popular Texas beach vacation spot, causes crabs to become giant, mutated, zombie grabs.  A visiting family must fight to survie the invading zombie crabs.